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The  Globetrotter Teacher Guide  ~ The ARMS Reading Books

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This list can be used to make reading assignments for:
  • Gaps between literature units.
  • Times when you wish to have all your students read around a particular theme.

  Suggestion:  Use the Literature Circle approach with each story.


Miracles & Milestones

On Eagle's Wings

Of Morning Stars

Who is My Brother?


(Election Unit)

A Vision & A Decision (p. 27)

Ramon Makes a Trade (p. 348)

Your Next President is... (p. 108)

The Empty Wasn't Empty (p. 12)

Captain Who Changed His Course (p. 332)

Henry Aaron:  Home- Run King (p. 367)

The Long Way Around (p. 57)

The Day the Sun Came Out (p. 250)

The Blue Vase (p. 267)


(Mayan Mysteries)

Alarm in the Night (p. 64)

The Milestone Group (p. 48)

Clank! Clank! (p.100)

The Great Sandwich Eating Contest  (p. 130)

My Furthest-Back Person (p. 398)

Owls in the Family (p. 418-457)

Spelling Bee (p. 15)

Fathers' Day (p. 21)

Whistles & Shaving Brushes (p. 43)


(Going for Gold)

Charlie's Wild Idea (p. 224)

More Precious than Gold (p. 100)

When the Clock Struck 13  (p. 372)

The Contract (p. 79)

The Toothpaste Millionaire (p. 142)

Sail, Calypso! (p. 48)

Highways of the Air (p. 208)

Bicycles & Flying Machines (p. 218)

Patch (p. 20)

The Order of the Golden Spur (p. 154)

In the Valley of the Kings (p. 174)

The Word Shall Not Be Lost (p. 233)

Gentleman of Rio en Medio (p. 29)

Testimony of the Trees (p. 70)

Of Mozart and a Good Mechanic (p. 279)

Remember, It's a Game (p. 405)


(Echoes of Honor)

A Time for Courage (p.12)

The Fuji Stick (p. 380)

The Golden Eagle (p. 304)

Child of the Silent Night (p. 34)

Patty Wilson's Magnificent Marathon (p. 12)

The Artist's Touch (p. 134)

Miracle of the Talking Leaves (p. 172)

Whose Day is Tuesday? (p. 275)

The Unseen Fire (p. 311)





(Uninvited Guests)

The Carving on the Tree (p. 334)

Creature in the Bush (p. 364)

A Tale of Two Ships (p. 284)

The First Winter (p. 332)

A Better Mousetrap (p. 118)

The West Wind Blew Danger (p. 368)

All for a Hat (p. 344)

The Silver Three Cent Piece (p. 277)

Horace Pippin's War (p. 142)

I Finished (p. 375)

Three Set Out (p. 104)

Ring of Fire (p. 242)

Making Do (p. 361-74)

Ordeal on Mt. Hood (p. 375)

You Handle the Chemistry (p. 414)

The Long Way Up (p. 453

Deep Water (p. 462)

Peace in Conflict

(Dreams of Freedom)

Volunteers for Death (p. 201)

Gunga and the Tiger (p. 146)

Willie & the Washtub (p. 36)

White Wings beneath the Waves (p. 201)

The Race with Two Winners (p. 248)

A Bird with No Feathers (p. 82)

Ben Franklin, Inventor (p. 270)

Down in Death Valley (p. 58)

A Pinch Hitter on the Podium (p. 168)

Lydia Darragh (p. 345)

Homer's Mountain (p. 160)

Night Train to Wisconsin (p. 358)

Salt-Water Tea (Johnny Tremain) (p. 330-342)

The Accident (p. 426)

The Captive Outfielder (p. 480)


(Creating a Republic)

The Day they Stayed Alone (p. 118)

Not over 10 Inches High (p. 170)

Caddie & Indian John (p. 348)

Saving the 559 (p. 407)

Alcaldesa (p. 314)

The Ministry of Healing (p. 322)

My Applalachia (p. 34)

Mom Held Hostage (p. 49)

The Apprentice (p. 439)


(Constructing a Nation)

Sacajawea (p. 214)

A Couple of Old Boards (p. 88)

A Rabbit and a Hare (p. 158)

The Last Day (p. 385)

Mustang (p. 76)

Teacher (p. 260)

Amelia Earhart (p. 286)

Karen Pryor and the Creative Porpoise (p. 83)

The View from Burnt Mt. (p. 215)

& Risks

(Adventure Land)

The Phantom Pony (p. 418-481)

A Blind Man Leads the Way (p. 188)

Snow Treasure (p. 418-511)

Henry White, Drummer Boy (p. 64)

Mission of the Morning Star (p. 30)

Conductor on the Underground Railroad (p. 296)

Make Bright the Memories (p. 184)

I Like Skunks (p. 134)

The Night the Bed Fell (p. 299)

Yellow Leaf (p. 492)


(Westward Ho)

The Seeing Stick (p. 400)

Pepper and all the Legs (p. 136)

The Message (p. 168)

Not by Miracles (p. 234)

Song without Music (p. 42)

Crossing Westward (p. 206)

Babies, Beans & 'lasses Bread (p. 203)

The New Canadians (p. 229)

No Time for Logic (p. 475)