The Journal of Thomas Jefferson Byrd
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To accompany the book
All for Texas
A Story of Texas Liberation
by G. Clifton Wisler

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Thomas Jefferson Byrd is used to facing new challenges.  Although only 13 years old, he has already left homes in South Carolina and Alabama.  Now he finds himself in the wilderness that is the Mexican territory of Texas.

While his father serves as a volunteer in the Texas army, Jeff is left with the burden of helping his mother, brothers, and sister adapt to their new home on the Brazos River.  Jeff is used to living in a seaport and has a difficult time adapting to inland farm life.

A young neighbor, Josh Sagler, befriends Jeff.  The two boys have much in common and feel a strong urge to do something to help in the struggle for Texas independence.  Their chance comes when Jeff and Josh join their fathers at Fort Defiance.  Jeff faces his greatest challenge yet--deciding the difference between his friends and his enemies.