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The  Globetrotter Teacher Guide

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Actual Literature Units are being added to the Globetrotter curriculum in Year Three.  These units revolve around literature chosen for historical value and tie-in to the themes being studied.

Using the Literature Units for reading class expands the window of opportunity for students to experience history.  The units will fit into the normal reading period time frame.  If your students are fast readers and you need more reading opportunities for them, stories from the ARMS program reading anthologies are listed here according to themes.

Vocabulary and comprehension are stressed in the Student Response pages that accompany each chapter or "reading chunk."   Opportunities are also given for students to analyze characters, predict what will happen next, and apply learning to their own lives. Sample


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B16010.gif (685 bytes) Overview for curriculum

  • Year 1   From Creation to the Crusades - Secular and Religious history.
  • Year 2   From Crusades to the Present - Secular and Religious history.
  • Year 3   U. S. History through the Civil War and the Life of Christ.
  • Year 4   U. S. History from Civil War to Present, the Life of Paul, and modern missionaries.