04.gif (9682 bytes)How to Adjust Assignments for Different Levels of Competency

Students will give you what you accept.       

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Basic Principles:
  • Set the standards for quality work high - but within reach.
  • DO NOT accept poor quality work if you know a student is capable of doing better.  Students give teachers exactly what they will accept.
  • Be reasonable and flexible with the quantity of work you assign.

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Adjusting Globetrotter Assignments: 

  • The program is designed for the materials to be used in grades five through eight.  It is up to you as the teacher to adjust the assignments according to student ability.  Remember the span of abilities between 5th and 8th grades and make the assignments accordingly.
  • Be extra patient with the fifth grade students as they enter this program.  The gap between fourth and fifth grades is extra wide.  Having new 5th graders work in groups or with partners often helps them learn the concepts and information without feeling overwhelmed.  Have them divide the work among the group members, as equally as possible.
  • Literature books, spelling words, and some assignments are sometimes specified in the Globetrotter program as Level A or Level B.  The Level A work is easier than Level B.
  • Shorten the assignments as needed for 5-6th grade students or work closely with these students to help them be successful. 

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Assessment:

  • Rubrics for projects and assignments are helpful tools for every level of competence.  These rubrics list the criteria for a piece of work and are also a scoring tool.  The students know what is expected of them and it helps them improve the quality of their work when they follow them.  Example #1    Example #2
  • Scoring a project is easy when using a rubric.  Consider having each student help you to determine the quality of their own work as often as possible.
  • Special needs students always require individualized assignments.  Choose to assign what you feel the student is able to handle.

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  • Partners
  • Groups

    Students work together.

    The assignment can be divided between several students--each one does a part.

  • Assign a small amount of homework every week--creative writing or a project. Require it to be due at the same time every week so that there are no misunderstandings!