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The  Globetrotter Teacher Guide  

                                    B16010.gif (685 bytes) Printing Tips B16010.gif (685 bytes) 

B16010.gif (685 bytes) Look under "File" in the tool bar at the top of the screen to find a "Page Setup" link.  Most Internet software will give allow you to adjust the web pages to fit your printer by using this type of directional link.

B16010.gif (685 bytes)   Under "Page Setup" you should have the opportunity to set the margins wider.  Making the right margin a bit smaller than the left one allows for 3-hole punching.

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  Under "Page Setup" you should also have the opportunity to delete the header and footer information if you choose.   Erasing the footer information will keep the web address and date from printing on each page--which really isn't necessary.  If you wish to keep the page number information in the header, keep the very last part the direction code and delete the first part.

B16010.gif (685 bytes)  BEFORE YOU DELETE any of the "Page Setup" information, you might want to write down the direction code as you see it--just in case you wish to use it again.