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  A Family Apart  
                     Teacher's Guide

Book Author:
Joan Lowery Nixon


                     Literature Unit   

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A Family Apart is a winner of these awards:

     Golden Spur Award
  Western Writers of America


You will want to read these other books in the Orphan Train Series to find out what happens to each child in the family:

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In the Face of Danger
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Keeping Secrets
Circle of Love

Read more about Frances Mary Kelly in these books:

Lucy's Wish
Will's Choice
Aggie's Home
David's Search




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End of the Book Quiz Key

1.  baritone - male voice lower than a tenor higher than a bass

2. able-bodied - capable of doing physical work

3. entitled - having the right to something

4. landscape - stretch of natural scenery on land

5. pros and cons - advantages and disadvantages

6. bolster - support or strengthen