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Echoes of Honor ~ Unit Four
Teacher Guide


Setting Tone for Unit
Checklist for Passage to Honor

Overview A
Day A1        Day A2

Day A3        Day A4
Project A

Review A       Key
Validation of Learning   KEY

Overview B  
Day B1        Day B2
Day B3        Day B4

Review B      KEY   

Project B--Unit Finale of Story telling and FOOD.        

Validation of Learning - Have students assemble their  Achieving Honor activities and Principles and Passage projects into booklet form which becomes a portfolio of the unit.

drum.gif (368 bytes)  Make posters or large computer print-outs of each of the eight life principles featured during Week B.   Display them in the classroom.

Time:  2 Weeks         Theme:  Honor
  • Giving and achieving honor
  • Plains & Eastern Indians
  • Story telling
  • Jesus' early ministry
  • Interjections and conjunctions
Main Project: 
drum.gif (368 bytes) The students will be challenged to achieve honor by completing rigorous tasks throughout this two week study.  They are listed to begin in Week B.   You decide if your students should begin completing these tasks in Week A or Week B. 

drum.gif (368 bytes) Native Games and  Handgame to be used for recess and Project days.

drum.gif (368 bytes) Extension Idea:  Have students choose a person from the church congregation or the neighborhood that they think should be honored.   (Maybe for their Christian joy, encouragement or some form of service.)  Have a plaque made or create a certificate of appreciation and frame it to present to this person during a church service (or at some other public meeting--like Home and School).  A corsage or boutonniere would also be appropriate.  Students can give the speeches, etc.  Giving honor to someone else is a great culminating activity.

Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • Honor is what you show when others turn their backs.
        (Michael Robinson)
  • Honor is never taken, but always given.  (Michael Westhoff)
  • He who lives without principles dies without honor.    Norse Saying
  • Do not speak against your neighbor until you have walked in his moccasins for seven suns.  Indian Proverb
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Brown paper bags (Achieve Honor - Stage One on Day B1)
  • Day B3 ~ One cup each of seven types of grain/beans/pasta
  • Sources of good stories for students to learn and tell.  (Reader's Digests & Guidepost magazines, books of stories--like Chicken Soup for the Soul)