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Globetrotter Year Three
  Teacher Guide

Units for Year 3


Correlates a study of  the Americas with the life of Christ, plus language arts, spelling, and art.      

Freedom in Action
           (Election Unit)

Mayan Mysteries
Going for Gold
Echoes of Honor
The Uninvited Guests
Dreams of Freedom
Building a Republic
Constructing a Nation
Adventure Land
Western Trails
My Dream State



United States - Adventures in Time and Place, Macmillan, 1997

The Holy Bible - Use an easy to read translation

English texts are used as reference

Literature books as listed


      Literature Units

WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Witch of Blackbird Pond
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Sign of the Beaver
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Early Thunder Level A
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Johnny Tremain Level B

   (Fast readers can read both A & B)
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) All for Texas
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Across the Wide &  Lonesome Prairie
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) A Family Apart

WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Suggestions for Teachers
WB02257_.GIF (289 bytes) Theme Reading to fill the Gaps   


Year Overview 
How to Assign
To Begin
Spelling Program

Memory Verses for the year
Books to add to the Library

Art Program
Recipes for Writing

Recipes for Crafts
Literature Circles

Classroom Standards

Printing Tips

Student Weblinks



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...Before the crown must come the cross...   

Desire of Ages p. 432