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Mayan Mysteries ~ Unit Two
Teacher Guide


Overview A
Day A1        Day A2

Day A3        Day A4
Project A

Overview B  
Day B1        Day B2
Day B3        Day B4

Project B - Tribal celebration.  Read Character Sketches and serve a snack of corn chips, salsa, & drink.

Review B      KEY   

Validation of Learning (test)   KEY

Publishing Standards
Art Standards

Time:  2 Weeks         Theme:  Family
  • Jesus' family, relatives, and genealogy
  • Mayan culture and families
  • Writing to describe
  • Election candidates & their families - Current events      
These miscellaneous projects can be found on Student Weblinks:

Plan for:  A tribal celebration to be held for Project B.  Serve a snack of corn chips & salsa, and a drink. 

Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • Let your father and your mother be glad, and let her who bore you rejoice.  Proverbs 23:25
  • None but a mule denies his family.
  • The family is one of nature's masterpieces.
  • Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners.   Anonymous
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • The World social studies textbook for student research.
  • Day A1 - colored paper
  • Day A3 - News magazines with articles about presidential candidates' families.
  • (A young baby brought to the classroom or visited sometime during the unit would enhance learning.)
  • Project A - Ideas include a "dig" for artifacts and playing Bul (which calls for kernels of dried corn, although beans could be used).
  • Long paper for class mural (Day B3)
  • Project B - corn chips, salsa, sour cream, cheese dip, and drink.  (Plates, napkins, cups, etc.)