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Western Trails ~ Unit Ten
Teacher Guide


Overview A
Day A1          Day A2
Day A3
          Day A4
Project A    
Review A   KEY
Validation of Learning A   KEY

Overview B
Day B1
        Day B2
Day B3  
        Day B4
Project B

Review B     KEY
Validation of Learning B   KEY

Overview C
Day C1          Day C2
Day C3
          Day C4
Project C
Review C
Validation of Learning C   KEY

Overview D
Day D1          Day D2
Day D3
          Day D4
Project D
- Unit Finale, Review, &  Unit Test--all in one activity--
Experience walking the Trail!

Time:  4 Weeks         Theme:  Unselfishness
  • War with Mexico, Texas, California Gold Rush, Mormons, Trail of Tears, and the 2nd Great Awakening
  • Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus.
  • The beginning of the early Christian church
  • Compound sentences, proofreading
  • Making a collage
  • Panning for gold--gold rush simulation
  • Making a quilt.
  • Hiking the "Oregon" trail.

Create a way to show off your students' projects for this unit


Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered.   Love them anyway.  (This is the 1st Paradoxical Commandment.  See www.paradoxicalcommadnments.com)
  • "The love of money is the root of all sorts of evils..."  1 Timothy 6:10
  • Pleonexia is a clinical term for morbid greediness
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Day A-3:  Gold nuggets; items to buy with the gold nuggets, large brown envelops or folders; cloth, yarn or twine for the drawstring, & sewing supplies for sewing small cloth bags for holding nuggets; a shoe box per student to act as a suitcase.
  • Day A-4:  Aluminum pie pans with holes hammered into them to make sieve for panning gold; measuring tapes, string, and small stakes for staking claims; garden trowels or shovels; small gold nuggets buried in school yard for panning; snacks to sell at very high prices.
  • (Possible campfire for Project A--with marshmallows to roast.)
  • Day B1: Poster board for reporting; dice and 3 types of pasta/beans for playing pieces;
  • Day Bs:  M & M's
  • Day C4:  Quilt blocks--either cloth or construction paper (and sewing machine, etc. if using cloth).
  • Day D-3:  Colored paper for collage and poster board; Elmer's glue.
  • Unit Test:  Hike on an "Oregon trail", carrying their supplies, etc.