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                                 Teacher Guide ~ Unit 6

Overview A
Day A1       Day A2

Day A3       Day A4
Project A  

Pronoun Review
(All pronoun work for this unit is also on Student Weblinks)

Situation Test "How to Honor God"


Time:  1 week          Theme:  Standing Tall for God


  • Babylon in power and prophecy
  • Nebuchadnezzar's dreams and pride contrasted with Daniel's obedience
  • Students will continue studying cases of United States law
  • Pronouns - lessons on the internet


  • Reading parts of Prophets and Kings for deeper study.   (Pages can also be found online through the Student Weblinks)
  • Students will research to find out why Babylon was the head of gold in prophecy.
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • Trouble causes us to either use or lose our religion.
  • Exalt not yourself lest you fall
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:  
  •  The book Prophets and Kings for student study guides on all four days of this unit.   This book can also be found online through the Student Weblinks.
  • Misc. supplies for group projects and reporting.



The materials in this unit do not include information from your textbook.  Guide your students in researching what the text has to say about the kingdom of Babylon.

The part of speech for this unit is pronouns.  The four pages of pronoun work are in this teacher unit, but also available for students on Student Weblinks, if you wish to have them work more independently.  (Keys are also on Student Weblinks.)  There is also a review page over pronouns and the other parts of speech studied so far.