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Teacher Guide ~ Unit 3


Overview A
Day A1          Day A2

Day A3          Day A4
Project A -
Making flatbread 

Overview B
Day B1          Day B2

Day B3          Day B4
Project B -
paper mache coffin & paint canopic jar stoppers

Overview C
Day C1          Day C2

Day C3          Day C4
Project C -
Decorate Burial Chambers

Overview D
Day D1          Day D2

Day D3          Day D4
Project D -
Funeral & Festival Day

Validation of Learning ~ Students will provide teacher with possible Test Questions and Answers.  Teacher will need to compile the test questions and/or provide their own version.

Poems for Unit
Student Weblinks

Time:  4 weeks
Theme:  Adversity
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Bible periods of Abraham thru the Exodus (Genesis 15 - Exodus 15)
  • Project A - making flatbread
  • Weeks B,C, and D:  Fruity Pharaohs, canopic jars, coffins, and decorated burial chambers
  • A Festival Day as a grand finale for the unit (Involves the funeral for the pharaohs and Egyptian food.  Can be snacks or a meal with lentil stew.)
Bulletin Board Ideas:  (a desert scene with pyramids or an oasis)
  • In the heat (or desert) of trials the character is strengthened
  • Jehovah, the great I Am--our oasis in the desert of sin
  • The fruit of adversity is persistence, patience, and faith
Student Direction Guides for Fruity Pharaohs

Teacher Read-Aloud Information during the simulation activities:

WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:
  • Project A -   (Flatbread) barley flour or whole wheat flour and/or white flour; honey or sugar, oil, cookie sheet, oven
  • Fruity Pharaoh - mummification simulation that requires these items PER STUDENT:  an apple, orange, two buttons, floral wire, box of salt, two one-pound boxes of baking soda, and a shoe box. 
  • Fruity Pharaoh project also calls for masking tape, Elmer's wood glue, wallpaper paste, brown paper towels, waxed paper, aluminum foil, thin cardboard boxes to cut up for coffins, and flour/salt/food coloring for clay.