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    Teacher Guide ~ Unit 11



Overview A
Day A1     Day A2
Day A3     Day A4
  Project A  

Overview B
Day B1       Day B2

Day B3       Day B4
Project B

Review   KEY

Validation of Learning


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Time:  2 weeks          

Theme:  Acceptance (opposite of prejudice and the Hindu caste system)


  • A study of ancient India
  • A look at the Buddhist and Hindu religions
  • Descriptive writing


  • Descriptive writing mini-projects.  Students will need the teacher supplied materials listed below.
Bulletin Board Ideas:
  • To hide one lie, a thousand lies are needed.  (Indian Proverb)
  • The cobra will bite you whether you call it cobra or Mr. Cobra. (Indian Proverb)
  • Life is God's gift to you.  What you do with it is your gift to God.
WB01512_.gif (115 bytes) Supplies Needed:  
  • A1 - Edible substance for 20 Questions game which can be shared with all.
  • A1 & 2 - Clothing catalogs or www.jcpenney.com for descriptive writing assignment.
  • A3 - Treat for chosen subjects in the caste system simulation.
  • A4 - Any food of your choice for Descriptive Writing #4.  How about Indian rice and curry?
  • Project A - rulers
  • B2 - Dominoes to show the "Domino effect" for Bible object lesson.
  • Project B - See the possibilities