AUTHOR’S CHAIR      Miss Sandee’s Class ~ College Park Christian Academy

Story ~ due May 6 when school begins:                       Name ____________________

What do you want to do as a grownup?

What career do you think you would like?  What type of training do you need to get it?


_______ (20) 1st paragraph tells what career you would like to have as an adult. It
                          gives details about the job and also tells why you would like it.

_______ (20) 2nd paragraph tells about the training this career requires.
                         Tell the schools you will need to attend to get this training.

_______ (20) 3rd paragraph tells the talents or characteristics you think you
                         have that would make you successful in this career.  Explain
                         how these talents are needed in this particular career.

_______ (10) 5th grade ~ 150 words minimum
                         6th grade ~ 200 words minimum

_______ (10) My writing show these three paragraphs.

_______ (10) My writing has complete sentences with capital letters and

_______ (10) It is on time.

__________________  TOTAL