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Interview Project

Name __________________________

Print out this page and follow these directions:

In the book A Family Apart  Mike did something that affected not only his life but the lives of everyone in his family.  Life changing decisions, actions, and events are not just in story books but also in real life.

_______ 1) You are to choose two people over the age of thirty to interview.  At least one of them may not be your relative.

Ask each person these types of questions:

_______ 2) Write a few notes after each interview that will help you remember the main points of their story. You may use these notes in giving your oral presentation on Monday, Oct. 11

            You will turn in your notes as part of your grade.

_______ 3) Prepare for your oral presentation by thinking ahead of time what parts of the information you gathered you should share with your class. 

_______ 4)  Give your presentation, talking so that all in the room can hear plainly.